Team of graduate conservator-restorers, architects, artists, civil engineers, site managers, scientists, art historians, archaeologists



Restaurierung am Oberbaum’s (RAO) objective is the planning and execution of international conservation-restoration projects for cultural heritage, architectural monuments, artworks, archaeological sites and museum collections all over the world.

The team of RAO (Restaurierung am Oberbaum) was founded in 1997 in Germany by Jörg Breitenfeldt, Jan Hamann and Thomas Lucker. The planning, co-ordination and monitoring of restoration projects are important components of our service spectrum. The most important pillar of our specialisation in conservation-restoration site management is the practical experience we have gained over the years carrying out our own conservation and restoration projects. For specific requirements and problems, innovative solutions can be developed rapidly and efficiently through the many complementary qualifications within the team. In collaboration with long-term established business partners operating in related fields, projects posing complex problems are undertaken in-house with commitment and care.

Our work

RAO´s work is based on many years of experience of successfully completing conservation and restoration projects for the preservation of historic buildings, archaeological structures and the restoration of artefacts in museums and on archaeological sites.

We have successfully completed restoration projects for the preservation of historic buildings and the restoration of artefacts in museums all over the world, and our work is grounded in many years of practical experience. The pooling of diverse specialist competencies and interdisciplinary, team-orientated collaboration has proven to be an essential component of our company philosophy. Our planning team is comprised of graduate conservator-restorers, artists, sculptors, architects, scientists, art historians, civil engineers, site managers and archaeologists. The planning, which begins with a survey of the current state of the object and historical and archival research, is done by the specialists in the company. This smoothly working team, with its practical experience, is the guarantee of highly reliable plans and mappings.

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over the last years

Some highlights are listed here:

  • Ortaköy Hotel Project Istanbul/Turkey

    concepts, expertise and project management, preservation of monuments, publications RAO, RAO

    Conservation-restoration and reconstruction of two Ottoman palaces on the Bosphorus in Istanbul (Turkey) n the European side of Istanbul under...

  • Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

    conservation of artefacts in museums, preservation of monuments, publications RAO, RAO

    David Chipperfield “Sticks and Stones”, an Intervention 2.10. – 31.12.2014 he Neue Nationalgalerie was erected in 1968 by Ludwig Mies...

  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

    preservation of monuments, publications RAO, RAO

    he glass mosaics were produced by the Berlin mosaic manufacturer Wagner and Pohl and are of an exceptionally high quality, not only with regard to the artistic aesthetic and diversity of form but also the craftsmanship and execution ...

  • Neues Museum Berlin (built 1842-1854)

    preservation of monuments, publications RAO, RAO

    he Niobidensaal in the New Museum The Niobidensaal [Niobe hall] was only slightly damaged during the war and is one...