Pergamon Museum – Collection of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin in the Berlin Pergamon Museum

Pergamon Museum – Collection of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin in the Berlin Pergamon Museum

Planning for the conservation work and the preparation for the building constructions works at the Berlin Pergamon Museum

Within the scope of the ‘master plan’, the ‘Museum Island’ in Berlin is to be repaired and reinstated in the coming years and the Pergamon Museum rehabilitated and technically brought up to date. An essential element in this regard, is the new construction of a fourth wing, which will enable a principal circumnavigation of the monumental architectural exhibits of antique cultures to be undertaken on one level only.

The conservation planning for the re-storage of all items (of around 48,000 in number) of the Egyptian Exhibits of the Pergamon Museum. The restorative planning for the dismantling, conservation and future representation of ancient Egyptian monumental items of architecture in the Pergamon Museum.
In this connection, RAO|Berlin were commissioned already in 2002, together with the conservation planning for the collection of the Egyptian Exhibits and the Papyrus Collection in the Pergamon Museum, which essentially included two large subject matter complexes:

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The planning for the collection depositories in the Pergamon Museum:
the planning included the development of concepts for the conservational securing and re-storage of objects of the collection of Egyptian Exhibits in the Pergamum Museum. The range of such objects covers enclosed- and unenclosed stonework, stucco- and gypsum objects, fresco fragments, metals, terracotta’s, mummies, wooden objects, textiles, ivory, plants and the Papyrus Collection.

Planning for the future exhibiting of ancient Egyptian large monumental items of architecture of the Pergamum Museum:
the planning includes the development of concepts for the dismantling, storage, restoration, conservation and exhibition representation of artefacts in the Museum.


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Execution period:

2002 – 2025

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