Master Plan for Berlinˋs Tiergarten

Master Plan for Berlinˋs Tiergarten

Master plan for dealing with the monuments in the Tiergarten, Berlin

On behalf of the Berlin Monument Authority (Landesdenkmalamt Berlin), from 2009 to 2011, Restaurierung am Oberbaum (RAO) developed a master plan for dealing with the monuments in the Tiergarten, Berlin’s oldest and Germany’s third largest urban garden.

The purpose of the measure was to provide a well-founded basis for the determination of future measures for the sculptures in the Tiergarten according to uniform criteria.

The historical monuments of Berlin’s Tiergarten –mainly sculptures made of bronze and natural stone– show a broad spectrum of different conservation conditions. In the 1980s, many marble originals were removed and brought inside for protection and subsequently replaced by copies made of concrete.

Master planThe development of a master plan served two purposes. On the one hand, the database-based recording and restoration assessment of all monuments as well as the processing of the respective object and restoration history created a reliable decision-making basis for the planning of costs and deadlines. On the other hand, the criteria for conservation of monuments and preservation could be worked out uniformly for all the monuments, taking into account the object-specific requirements.

On this basis, future restoration projects can be planned, tenders for services can be formulated and the practical work implemented in accordance with uniform requirements and within the framework of an overall conservation concept. Care and maintenance concepts have been entered into the database. Changes of the condition of the objects have to be archived here.

The project was carried out in cooperation between RAO and the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW Berlin). The Faculty of Design, Conservation / Restoration / Excavation Studies has set up a research assistance center for the project with funding from the European Social Fund (ESF).





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