Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Restoration and Conservation of the Tower, Staircase and Memorial Hall Mosaics

The glass mosaics were produced by the Berlin mosaic manufacturer Wagner and Pohl and are of an exceptionally high quality, not only with regard to the artistic aesthetic and diversity of form but also the craftsmanship and execution. With the mosaicists utilising around 1500 different shades, the array of colours, as well as the various gradations in luminosity and the structure of the gold mosaic tesserae, all contribute to a wide spectrum of form and colour.

With the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the Wagner and Pohl company created one of the most elaborate two-dimensional church mosaics in the world. Alongside the far more substantial mosaic repository in the church vestibule on the ground floor, the few surviving fragments on the tower façade constitute important architectural details of the memorial.

On account of war injury and subsequent years of weather deterioration, the surfaces of the mosaic have sustained extensive damage.

In 2009, a restoration plan was developed by “Restaurierung am Oberbaum (RAO)” and the Berlin architectural office “BASD – Gerhard Schlotter, Architekten”. The conservation steps on the mosaic surfaces are being carried out in accordance with this plan.

Since 2010, RAO specialists have been securing, restoring, and conserving the mosaic surfaces, tessera by tessera.

10789 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Foundation
Lietzenburger Straße 39
10789 Berlin

Planning and Site Supervision

BASD – Gerhard Schlotter, Architekten

Restoration concept and execution of the conservation work on the mosaics

Restaurierung am Oberbaum GmbH (RAO)
Jörg Breitenfeld M.A. (Project Management Conservation-Restoration)
Jan Hamann (Chief Restorer Stone Conservation)
Uwe de Maiziere, Michael König, Tina Gramsdorff, Ivo Müller

2010 – 2015